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Art work by Expatkiw

Story by Miss Susan 002 & Expatkiw

As Susan left the now-four month old Damon in the Nursery –still asleep - she smiled to herself, thinking of her now being this new baby’s ‘mommy’, then she paused. This person could have relations or friends looking for him!
Quickly, she went downstairs and to Damon’s pants, underwear, and shoes that were still on the kitchen floor. A quick rifling through the pockets revealed nothing, and Susan knew that the shirt she had carried Damon into the nursery with had no pockets either. She thought for a minute, and then turned her attention to the open Basement door.
Opening the door further and looking down the stairs, she could see what looked like a faint light on down in the bottom. Turning on the basement stairway light switch, she walked down the stairs and went to see where the light was coming from.
“What’s this?” Susan mused as she saw what looked like a flashlight beam behind a far wall alcove.
Walking over to it, Susan could now see what the mystery occupant had done: Using a disused coal scuttle chute for a door, he had set himself up a little place of residence behind the alcove; out of sight to a casual observer. She could see an army cot, a sleeping bag, a hamper full of clothes, some books, and a radio. And also a wallet…
Reaching over to the wallet, Susan picked it up and opened it. It contained no money, but there was a driver’s license, and so she looked at it closely.
“So your name is Damon Seath”, Susan said to herself as she looked at the license information and photograph, but why did you come here?”
Susan next saw some folded papers that had been lying beneath the wallet, and so she picked them up and opened them. She now saw something of the “why” as she read them.
They were legal papers. One read of a termination from work, another read of foreclosure, and another one read terms of divorce. Susan “tsk-ed” when she read the paragraph pertaining to Damon losing custody of his son. This person had lost everything!
Folding up the papers and taking the driver’s license, she turned the flashlight off, and then went back upstairs. Going into her office, she turned on her computer. Once it booted up, she activated her AOL account and proceeded to compose an e-mail.
She was writing a note to a friend of hers who was a private investigator. She asked her to make discrete inquiries about Damon Seath; giving last residence information that was on the legal papers, stating that the reason why was that he was a contact for a family tree ancestry program. If this Damon Seath had relatives –unlikely as he was living as a homeless transient - they could be looking for him and thing could get complicated if they showed up here and saw him as a baby! Best to get the information quietly and her friend was very good at that…
She went back up stairs and checked on him again. She felt his diaper to see if it needed changing. He was damp. Very carefully she changed him without waking him up.
Afterwards she went to bed, making sure that her baby monitor receiver was on.
Early the next morning Damon woke up in the crib and felt more different but could not figure out why. Soon he started to whimper and cry a bit – well, as much as he could with the pacifier still in his mouth - and then Susan walked in to the room, alerted by the sounds from the baby monitor.
She went over to his crib and looked down at him with a loving smile.
“Now how is Mommy’s little Babykins?” She asked. As she said this she felt his diapered crotch and knew he needed to be changed.
“ Awww… Mommy baby need his didi changed huh?. Don’t worry; Mommy will see to that”. She picked Damon up and put him over her shoulders, rubbing his back and his little wet padded bottom. All Damon could do is squirm helplessly over her shoulders as she did this. She laid him down and removed the baby smock she had put on him earlier and then removed the wet soiled diaper he had on.
Soon, Susan had him all cleaned up and was starting to look his naked body over good . As any mom would be, Susan was not bashful on how she touched him.
She checked out his little body from head to toe. She had him on his tummy and was checking his little bum cheeks out, gently feeling them with her hands.
His skin was nice and soft and smooth. As she was doing this she playfully said “Awww, Mommy love the feeling of a smooth baby bum under her hands” and she giggled and kissed him as she said this.
“I have to check every bit of you”, she explained – sensing his embarrassment, “as any rashes and dirty spots can be very harmful to your baby skin, so I can’t be bashful”.
Then she turned him over and started to do the same with his front side. That included checking and feeling his tiny little genitals as well. Poor Damon. All he could do was just turn his head away and endure the embarrassment of it all, despite what Susan had just said about the necessity of it all. Once done, Sue gave another loving smile and more kisses on his cheeks.
“It’s okay, Damon”, she said, “I know all about you now. I was down in the basement and found everything. It looks like you’re going to start your life all over again, but this time you’re going to have me as your mother. Don’t worry, Darling. I am going to make sure you have a real good second babyhood and childhood as well. I am going to enjoy having you as my baby no matter what, and I hope you will come to think of me as your new Mommy”.
She then took a lid off a jar of Vaseline and with 2 fingers she got a good dollop of it on her fingers and lifted his hind legs up, exposing his bare bum and started to rub it all over and between his bum cheeks. Soon she was doing the same to his genitals and then all over his front. She massaged it on him good and thick, Then she picked up a new Huggie and placed it under his bum and laid him down on it and put it up between his legs and taped each side.
It was so wide and thick he could not close his legs. She looked down at her handiwork and smiled. Then she put another smock on him and picked him up so that his head laid on her shoulders. As she carried him, she snuggled him tightly and fondled him in a loving motherly manor.
“Ok sweetie”, she said, “its breakfast time for you. I hope you like baby formula and baby cereal.
Damon shook his head and tried to say “no”, but a “naaa” sound emerged instead. Susan then spoke again.
“Damon… you’re still able to understand me. Right?” she asked gently. Damon looked up at her and nodded.
“Damon”, Susan continued in the same gentle tone, “In the condition you are now, you need regular nutrient, and at your age, it can only be liquid baby formula and just a wee little bit of baby cereal Your baby body is not old enough for anything like regular baby food or solids of any kind”.
Damon reluctantly nodded. While Susan had used condescending tones earlier – which he really didn’t care for – she was speaking to him in a matter-of-fact tone this time and he could properly understand her logic. Susan removed the pacifier from his mouth and then took him into the kitchen. There he saw a baby high chair set up for him. She gently placed him in it and secured him in. She then placed a bib on him. After she did this she just looked at how cute he was and smiled.
Damon knew from that look on her face that she was going to do something, and no sooner than he thought it, she did. She gave him another wet kiss on his face. Then she had a camera in her hand and with a ‘snap’, she took a picture of him - bib & all - in the high chair.
She grinned and said, “Mommy’s special moment”. Damon rolled his eyes.
Now she had a small bowl with some warm baby cereal mixed with baby formula, plus a large baby bottle filled with more straight baby formula beside the bowl. He could tell just from the smell of it. Baby formula had this particular smell. He knew it from the time he had fed his own son after he was born…
She started to feed him and she said “Open for mama, Sweetie”. Damon obliged.
Damon did manage to swallow the loose runny cereal mix. After he had finished it, Sue put the baby bottle in his mouth. He started to suck on it and stop a few minutes later. Sue took him out of the chair and started to rub & pat his back. Before he knew it he let out a loud burp.
“Ooooooh, what a good baby, Honey that must of felt good”, she said playfully.
Before he knew it, she had the baby bottle in his mouth again, and he started to drink from it.
“Good baby, that’s a very special mix that Mommy made for you”. Sue explained. Damon did not know what she meant by that and wondered as he was drinking the bottle.
After a couple of minutes, Damon shook his head, indicating to Susan that he wanted the bottle nipple removed. Susan obliged, put the baby formula back on the table, then lifted Damon up on to her shoulder and gently patted his back. Damon felt himself go “burp” again.
" Awww did that feel good, Sweetum?", Susan asked with a grin. All Damon could do just take it, wondering what she would do next.
Susan stood, and then took him back up to the nursery again. She then put Damon on the diaper table. It was there that Damon got another look at himself in the mirror. He looked littler than the last time he had seen his reflection, and he was almost bald. He looked up at Susan.
“Uh… yes Dear”, Susan said, “I must have made an error in your age. You are actually four months old, not six”.
Damon silently absorbed the information as Susan quickly checked his diaper to see if he needed changing. All he could do was blush while she checked him. She gently felt the back of his diaper & crotch. She even put her nose close to him to see if she could smell anything. Then to make matter more embarrassing for him, she gently bent him over and pulled his diaper back and looked down at his bum. All he could do is blush from all this. She wasn’t kidding when she said she wouldn’t be bashful with him. After that, she picked him up and put him back in the crib.
“Mommy has to shower and get dressed, but I’ll be back soon”, Susan promised as she walked out of the nursery.
“Oh, by the way, Hon; that special mix I made in it had finely ground powdered prunes in it . So if you get the urge to poop, its okay, Sweetie. Mommy will change you okay, so don’t hold it in. Mommy is going to clean your system out in a natural way” . The look on Damon’s face when she said that made her want to giggle, but she stifled the urge. Sue just smiled when she saw that look, and then went to take her shower.
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huberthowhow Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
Poor guy! How he must dread all the humiliations that he must endure as a newly regressed infant, then someday as a toddler, when he will be held more and more accountable for his behavior and have the prospect of spanking punishment to consider!
Gangstaballa1 Featured By Owner May 4, 2012
cute pic and story
ClothDiapers Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011
I love this story.
misssusan002 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Thank you hon I am glad you enjoy it
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