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Damon saw a light emitting from the front of the ‘toy’ gun that Susan had aimed at him, but next, he felt like he was falling… and at the same time seeing his clothes rapidly getting larger! The next thing he knew, he was stuck in a mass of large clothes.
For her part, Susan saw Damon shrink very quickly inside his clothing. She took her finger off the trigger button as what was a grown man in front of her now was a pile of clothes on the floor with a moving little lump in the middle. She looked at the gun setting and saw that it was still set on the lowest setting – 0.5 yr – which was what she had used on her cat. She smiled slowly.
Damon felt himself smothering in the pile of clothes. For some reason, he couldn’t stand. He flailed out with his hands and arms, and finally, his head poked through the clothing.
Damon at first could not take it in; the kitchen looked like it was enormous! Then he saw his hand in front of him. It was so dinky-looking! He tried to speak, but only a rather high-pitched “Uhnnh!” came out. But then he heard Susan speak:
“My my, now aren’t you just the cutest little thing!” Damon heard in a condescending tone.
Damon turned to the sound of the voice, and saw two giant legs in front of him. Looking up fearfully, he saw Susan – giant sized! He tried to stand and run, but he just could not stand! The next thing, he felt two giant hands reaching under his armpits, and then he was lifted up.
“So the big bad man is now for the moment just a naughty little baby”, Susan commented as she lifted Damon – in full naked glory – up to eye level.
Damon looked in fright at the large smiling face in front of him, and then felt himself being turned around so that he could see himself in a mirror that was in the kitchen. He silently gasped.
Staring right back at him in the reflection was a little baby being held by the occupant of the house. Hardly any hair, his head looked large in comparison with the rest of his body!
Putting Damon gently back down on the floor, she went to the telephone – with the intention of calling the police- so that when Damon reverted to his adult age, they would be on hand to arrest him, but just then, she saw the red LED glowing on the ray gun she had placed on the counter…
“Omigosh!”, Susan exclaimed, “the ray gun safety lockout was off!”. Looking down at baby-fied Damon, she said, “I’m sorry, you were only supposed to stay little for an hour!”
She bent down to pick up Damon again, this time wrapping his shirt around him… which was fortunate as when the news sank in that he could not get back to adult size, Damon emptied his bladder.
Damon started to cry. Susan’s maternity instinct clicked in and she started to cradle Damon gently.
“It’s going to be all right, Little One”, she said gently as she carried Damon out of the kitchen.
Feeling the dampness in Damon’s shirt, Susan knew instinctively what to do. She carried Damon upstairs to the nursery, turned on the light, and then placed him on a diaper table.
Damon was still sobbing as Susan used a warm damp towel to clean Damon up. One he was dried with a towel, Susan quickly and expertly placed a diaper on him. Once done, she picked up Damon once more and put him in a crib.
“There, There”, Susan said to the baby, “you’re safe for now. Can you understand me?”
Damon nodded and tried to say “Yes”, but a “gah” sound emerged instead. Susan still saw the nod though.
“Your body is that of a six-month old, Little One”, Susan said gently, “and at that age, you won’t be able to crawl, let alone walk, so please don’t try or you’ll hurt yourself. Don’t try talking either”.
Damon was not soothed: he started crying… and this time loudly. Susan looked around, grabbed an object, and then - gently, but firmly - forced it into Damon’s mouth, muzzling his cry. Damon tried to spit the object out, but the rubber inside of it was taking up nearly all the room in his mouth!.
“That’s a pacifier, Little One”, Susan said, “and only I will be able to pull it out as you won’t be able to do so yourself”.
Damon realized trying to get rid of the pacifier was hopeless for the time being. Also – from his perspective – the crib was like a large open-top jail cell. There was a soft mattress, some blankets, and a little pillow in the crib with him. There was also a teddy bear, but the bear was bigger than he was. He was trapped and helpless!
“As you won’t be able to go to the bathroom, you’ll have to do your business in the diaper until you’re old enough to walk”. Susan reminded Damon, “but don’t worry: I am a trained maternity nurse”.
With that, she put blankets over Damon and adjusted the pillow. Damon looked up still incredulously at the giant woman hovering over him…"Better get used to me being your mommy for now on darling." she said. Damon just looked at her in shock. As he did Sue just gave him a gentle smile and a wink, then shut the lights off to let him get some sleep.
As Susan was walking back to her room she pondered to herself: “I wonder if I could tinker with that ray gun and make him just a bit younger? Maybe turn him into a 3 or 4 month old. He is adorable now as a 6 month old but if I am going to have a baby to care for and be his mom. I’d want to have him a bit younger, so that way I can get to know what it is really like to have a baby of my own.“
She went back to the kitchen, picked up the ray gun and really started to look it over good. She studied it carefully. She brought it into a little workshop that was a part of the house when she had bought it. It already had a soldering iron and some other electronic tools. She removed the dial and looked at its underside.
She noticed that the underside of the dial had a small protrusion that stopped it from going down past the ‘0.5 yr’ mark. “If that protrusion could be removed, then perhaps I can make him younger after all”, she thought...
After a half hour of tinkering with the dial – using a jeweler’s file to remove the protrusion, she put the dial back in place on the gun and said, “Okay, it’s back together and it looks like I can make him at least two months younger, if these dial markings are any indicator. Time to try it out.” She very quietly went into the nursery and saw Damon sleeping soundly. She pointed the ray gun at the baby and pressed the trigger button.
She watched as the 6 month old baby started to get younger. In about a minute the 6 month old was now about 2 months younger, and still sound asleep. Sue looked down in the crib. She saw just how cute he was and her heart just melted for this child. Then she whispered gently and said: “Don’t worry Sweetie; Mommy is going to take real good care of you for now on”.
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Gangstaballa1 Featured By Owner May 4, 2012
nice pic and story
OzzieAstaroth Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
Awwww, cute pic and story. What a lucky guy. ^^
misssusan002 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Thank you dear I am glad you like it.

OzzieAstaroth Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
You're welcome! ^^ Its refreshing to see a good mommy that enjoys doing what she does as much as her baby.
misssusan002 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Thanks dear just wish I could see more art showing that. Where a maternal crazed women like myself can catch an adult baby in the act of their baby fantasys and give them more than they bargain for. Like gently shrinking them down to the size but not regress just shrunken of a real enfant and joining in on their fun except for the baby its no longer fantasys lol its real.

OzzieAstaroth Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
You're welcome. ^^ I agree, but would rather it be actual regression. But that's mostly because my adult body is always in pain and has lots of medical issues. So I'd rather just regress back into a healthy baby boy, but keep my mind intact so I could enjoy it. The only hair I would want is on the top of my head. However, if shrinking were the only option, I wouldn't turn it down. Hehe, a lot of Jennifer Loraine's stories were like that. A maternal woman regressing an AB to experience their favorite fantasy for real forever. I always wish it could happen.

misssusan002 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Just an add on it would be nothing sexural in any way or form just me expressing my maternal feelings for the baby thats all. I know I am crazy about that stuff but I cant help those. In a way its the same kind of feeling an adult baby has for their babyish desire only except for me its a maternal desire instead. Cant explain it any better than that. A maternal crazed women seeking out adult babies to shrink them down to the size of real babys and haveing my motherly way with them lol . Its a shame adult babysthat are good artis dont show some thing like this. Its seem they are afraid to express themselve in this manor


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