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Unexpected MotherHood 10 by misssusan002 Unexpected MotherHood 10 by misssusan002
Chapter 10.
“Wow, he is out like a light!” said Jena - another member of the group.
“Yup he sure is” replied Sue, “his tum-tum is full and he is sleeping it off”.
They all grinned as she said it.
“Yes, babies do sleep a lot but it means they are growing”, said Mary.
“Yes, and when they wake up what went in one end comes out the other”, Sue replied ruefully as she gently rubbed Damon’s padded bum.
Jane told Sue that she could lay Damon down on the sofa if she liked: “he will be fine there”.
So Sue did lay him down gently and put a blanket over him to keep him warm. As Damon soundly slept the girls talked quietly among themselves
There was one lady named Eve sitting in a wheel chair. She was 92: the elder of the group. She was admiring little Damon as he slept. She said how cute he was. Eve was a very thin women and frail because of her age Eve told Sue how she use to operate a Day care of her own in her younger days.
“But back in her days they did not use disposable diapers then. It was all cloth. I had to have a laundry service to handle all the dirty diapers. Not like it is today with disposables where the parents supplied the diapers”, Eve said.
Sue smiled and agreed with her, saying, “Yes, it is much different now. But some day-cares still use cloth because the child may be allergic to the plastic or whatever synthetic material the disposable diaper is made from”.
Eve just smiled back at Sue. Then she wheeled herself close to where Damon was sleeping and very gently rubbed his forehead not to wake him up. She looked at him and then looked at Sue and smiled.
“I can feel he is a very, very, special child to you”, Eve whispered. Sue looked at Eve and smiled in a nervous way. Then Eve gently whispered to her, “your secret is safe with me, dear. I just want to be the first one that’s all”.
Sue had a shocked look on her face and Tara saw this look. Tara also knew Eve well. She had heard stories from the other ladies in the past about what a special gift of insight she had. Could Eve had read Susan’s mind and know about the device? Sue had a look on her face not knowing how to react to that. Eve then gently wheeled herself back to where she was and smiled.
Eve then told the girls what she would do if she was 23 again. She told them she would enjoy seeing those hookers being turn into helpless babies and becoming a mother to one of them. As she said this she looked right at Susan & Tara in a very firm manor and grin. Sue and Tara just stared at each other wondering if she knew what they were thinking. All Eve did was grin and folded her hands on her lap. The rest of the ladies just stared at Eve for a moment wondering what she knew and thought.
Eve kept silent, then wheeled herself to the window and stared across the street. Her eyesight was not that very good but she knew what was going on over on the other side of the street. She did not like it as well. She stared at the window seeing another time when the area was a lot better than it is now. She saw herself walking down the street back in the mid 40's to the 50's
You didn’t have to put up with all of the junk you do now. Back in her day, boys cared more about their cars and trying to see who had the fastest one. The girls were trying to get the boys attention of course but in more of a lady-like way for their ages. Then Eve said straight out to Sue and Tara, “If you girls can make me young again go for it”.
Sue & Tara just looked at each other and both knew that Eve knows all about the device. The other ladies just thought that Eve was just rambling due to her age and gave her no mind and grinned at her. Soon Damon was waking up from his sleep Sue noticed this and was right there.
Damon just barely opened his eyes and Sue just gently smiled down at him saying, “Did my little guy have a nice nap-nap hhhmmm?”
Damon just looked up at her and smiled and was trying to playfully kick the blanket off of himself. Then Sue gently put her hands between his padded legs and felt his crotch.
“Oh boy you’re still dry for once. No pee-pee huh? I guess the baba did not have a chance to go through you yet”.
Damon just playfully smiled up at Sue thinking to himself, “yay, no public diaper change in front of everyone!”
Sue told Tara, “Maybe we should be getting going”, and with that she gently picked Damon up and put him back in to his baby carrier.
Sue was a little skittish about Eve, With Eve’s thinly veiled earlier comments, Sue was certain that Eve knew about the device. As the girls was about to walk out Eve gently grabbed Susan hand and reminded her she wants to be the first one.
Sue just smiled at her and said kindly, “No problem”.
The other ladies just stared at them wondering what that was all about. Then they left the home, got into the car, and drove off - shaken a bit by Eve.
As they began to drive, Sue asked "Tara you think she knows about it?”.
"I don’t know, Sue. All I know is that Eve does have a special gift I was told. They say she can read a person’s thoughts at times". Tara said.
Sue just thought to herself as they were driving. What if Eve indeed knows the truth about Damon and the age regression device? Would she tell the others at this time or would they feel she is talking nonsense for her age? All of these questions Susan thought of.
Tara broke her train of thought and said, "How about lunch? There is a place up the road we can go to."
Sue replied. "Oh sure I can go for something". As she said this Damon gave off a happy “aarrr-goo” in agreement.
"Oh, I see you like that idea, huh sweetie?” Sue asked Damon rhetorically, “That’s okay Hon. Mommy got your baby cereal all set for something like this."
Damon just gave a slight frown when Sue said ‘baby cereal’.
"Sorry baby, but your tummy can not handle grown-up food right now. Only baby formula and cereal for you at the moment. In a month or so I will start you on strained pure baby food, okay?"
Sue grinned at him as she said this. Tara also gave an amusing grin as well and said " Don’t worry Damon. Before you know it, you will have teeth again and will be able to chomp down on those things you like."
“Yeah, like how long will that be?” Damon thought to himself. But Damon accepted it and knew he could not handle table food of any kind while he was this young.
Soon they pulled in to the parking lot of a Applebee restaurant and went in. The hostess asked if they needed a high chair and Sue smiled and nodded. Soon the hostess came back with it and watched as Sue strapped Damon in it.
The hostess asked Sue, “How old is your grandchild?”
She replied to her, “Four months and he’s my adopted son; not my grandchild”.
Tara just grinned as this was said. After she left Tara amusedly said in a low whisper, "I bet you can’t wait to be twenty-three again".
Sue just smiled as if to say, “Funny, huh?"
They soon ordered their food and Sue undid the lid of Damon’s cereal. She then paged the waitress and asked if they could warm Damon’s bottle of formula in a microwave oven for thirty seconds and bring it back to her.
The girl said, “No problem”, and smiled at Damon sitting in the high chair. She gave him a soft tickle under his chin saying “how cute you are”, and then went off to the kitchen.
Soon she was back and Sue poured some of the contents into Damon’s cereal. As the other restaurant customers were eating, Damon just looked on as he was being gently spoon-fed his food by Susan and wishing that he could have some of the spare ribs that Tara was eating. “Real food”, he was thinking to himself..
Sue and Tara were talking about the women at the home and discussing how they would present the idea and how they would react to it all. Tara asked Sue how she felt about these women.
Susan just said, "Well, first of all I am concerned about that lady Eve. Plus this is going to take careful planning as well. We have to be very careful about it. We can’t let the world know about it. Discretion is an absolute must, Tara".
Tara agreed with it all and nodded . Soon they were done eating lunch and then they paid the check and left the restaurant.
Susan noticed that Damon was tired and said “Its best she get him home”. Damon was now asleep in the baby carrier that was secured to the back seat.
As they were driving home, Damon woke up a bit and had this look on his face. Sue saw this look as she glanced back at him and knew all too well what Damon’s expression meant.
Sue said “Oh no”, and no sooner did Tara say "what?" they both knew what had happened. Little Damon relieved himself in his diaper and now the SUV smelled like a soiled diaper.
"Oh god, Sue” Tara exclaimed, “Did he just go? God! Good thing he’s only on formula and cereal. I can just think what the smell would be like if he was on table food. Good thing we’re almost back at your place. Boy, when he goes he goes!"
Sue just laughed and said, “Get used to it if you’re going to have the pimp as your baby."
Yeah, I guess so", she replied and grinned in amusement at the thought of it. Then she said "you know, on second thought I may as well have two of them."
Sue just stared at her and asked "What do you mean: ‘two of them’?"
Tara said, “I decided I also want the Madam as well as the pimp. That way I can have a baby girl as well as a baby boy. Reason is I have had a few run-in's with her and she is a bitch. So I figure what a better way of teaching her a lesson or two by becoming her mother as well." and grinned in a devious way.
Sue just looked at her and said, "Do you have any idea what it would be like taking care of two babies by yourself at all?"
Tara pointed out, "Who would be by themselves when we will have the others from the home? you forget we’re going to all be living under one roof, sort of speaking".
"Yeah, but they are going to have their own babies to take care of as well", Sue said.
No sooner she said it, they were pulling into Sue’s driveway. Damon was starting to get a little cranky from being in the soiled diaper. Susan just looked at him and said, "It’s ok, darling. We’re home. Mommy will change you when we get into the house".
She removed Damon from the baby carrier and carried him into the house, with Tara following. No sooner they got into the house they had their jackets off and she brought him into the nursery and got him changed. As Susan was changing Damon, Tara went back out to the SUV and got the baby carrier and the harness out from the back seat. She came back into the house and saw Damon was feeling better now. Sue had clad him in one of his baby smocks.
Taking Damon upstairs to the nursery, Sue put Damon in his playpen and put a blanket over him and made him comfy. Soon Damon was sound asleep.
As Damon was sleeping he found himself dreaming again . He was in a nursery with a lot of other babies. A young women wearing glasses and blond hair came up to the playpen he was in. She looked down on him gently smiling. As she smiled he felt himself changing to his adult form but still small and laying in the playpen.
She then began to gently speak to Damon, " Well, well, Dear. I see your adult mind is still there even though you are just a baby in age now. But in our dreams we can be anything we want "
Damon looked up to her and found he can talk as an adult again. He asked her, “Who are you?
She said "I am Eve from the elderly home, hon. You see I am also taking a nap, but I can enter into other people dreams if they are asleep. It depends on who I am focusing on. This time I’m focused on you." she explained.
Damon then asked, “How is it that I have my adult form but are still small and helpless as a baby?”
Eve explained, "Because darling, in the waking world, you’re a baby still but a baby with an adult mind, so it is your mind that is giving you your adult form… but not the size of an adult in this dream. You’re still helpless and babyish because of your body".
Damon just looked up at her, then the young Eve bent over and picked him up in her arms.
"You see, I am young and I can walk again even though in the real world I can’t walk because of my legs are fragile from being old", Eve explained as she cradled him.
Damon looked at her and asked, “Where are we?”
She said, " We are at a place in the future. A place where all these other ladies you saw today will be. They are the women of the elderly home you were at, dear. All of these babies you see here in this nursery are those ladies that were the hookers that live across the street from the nursing home".
Damon just looked in shock and asked, "How is it I that I am dreaming of all of this?"
She explained, "You now possess a special gift because you were turned back into a baby: a baby with an adult mind. The woman Susan did not mean to do this to you but it happened and perhaps for the best for both of you."
Damon looked at her puzzled. "What do you mean by that, Eve?" He asked.
Eve just looked at him and smiled and said " She needed to care for a child, Dear . She loves you as her own as if she gave birth to you. You’re just a baby to her: a baby she really cares for and loves very much."
Eve smiled as she said that. All Damon could do is helplessly blush.
Finally, Damon said, "But I don’t want to be a baby all of the time. I will admit it’s nice having a mommy like Sue but I also want to be grown up."
“Sorry Damon what it is, is”, Eve replied, “ You’re being given a second chance in life. You see that lady over there - the one who is changing two babies at once and also being helped by someone else. Well, one is the lady Tara that you know… and the other young girl is a nanny. That nanny is one of the six of the group of hookers that was not turned into a baby. Reason why is because they were forced to become hookers against their will. The other hookers were those became hookers by choice so they were made into babies again".
Damon just looked at them amazed " But where are we ?" He asked .
Eve just smiled again and said, "At a place where all of you will be safe where the world will not bother us. A place where we can re-raise you all in a loving and caring eviroment."
Now Eve gently laid Damon back down in the playpen and said, " Soon you will see me where you live now. I will come to visit both you and your mommy Susan in a day or so, dear."
She bent over and started to gently feel his crotch, saying “My, I think you need changing. You did pee-pee”.
Damon could feel his crotch being rubbed. From that feeling he found himself waking up with Susan feeling and gently rubbing the crotch of his diaper.
"Boy, you must have had a good dream huh sweetie. You’re all wet. Mommy needs to change you".
She picked him up and carried him over to a changing station she set up near his playpen . She laid him down on the pad and undid his wet diaper and was soon cleaning him with baby wipes.
"Boy you had a busy-busy day, huh baby?" she said playfully ." Now you and I get to spend some quite time together just the two of us."
As she said this Damon was thinking of that dream he had about Eve wondering if it was real or just a dream. He figures he will find out soon enough…
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Well dear check out daz [link] thats how I do alot of my 3d work if you seen it. Its all freeware. You can always fullfill your baby fantasys like that. That how I express my maternal desires and fantasys of being a mom. Its very easy to learn . Then go to [link] where you can find alot of free models and props to down load beside.

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