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AA T Unexpected MotherHood Chapter 6
by ~misssusan002

Sitting in the crib, Damon pondered his situation. Four months old. Definitely unable to move or do anything. Looking down at his dinky hands, he flexed the fingers some, then he looked at his little legs and feet. He could move the toes some, but as for trying to move… He knew that if he tried, he'd just roll over on his side.
Damon realized that in his situation, he was totally dependent upon Susan. It wouldn't be so bad, he thought, if she wasn't so condescending, but remembering his reflection in the mirror, it was obvious that he wasn't going to be treated as an adult… and that thought really frustrated him.
He was a person with the mind of a middle aged adult in the body of a baby boy hardly beyond newborn! With the lack of movement, boredom was going to be a constant companion… that and the moments of embarrassment when Susan came in to tend him.
Just then, he felt his bowels start to move. The adult part of him wanted to hold it in and use a proper commode, but he also knew that holding it in can do a lot of harm to his system. Reluctantly, he let himself mess his diapers… which really felt gross!
After a few uncomfortable minutes, Susan came back into the nursery.
"Mommy's back!", she said cheerfully. Damon pointed to his diapers to let her know what had happened.
"Oh, did you do your business in your diaper, Sweetie?" Susan asked. Damon nodded, his face reddening at the admission.
Susan walked over and picked him up out of the crib. Lifting him close, she sniffed, then nodded. She took Damon over to the diaper table, laid him down, and began to undo the huggie.
"Oh, I see you have done your business", Susan said playfully as she saw the mess on the diaper interior, and his bare bum, "Time to clean you up. Now you can see why I put that Vaseline on you", she added
Damon had to submit to Susan using a couple of damp cloths to wipe his behind. After that was done she sat him up. Suddenly, her condescension got too much for him. He lifted his left arm and made an unmistakable gesture with his hand.
Susan paused, her smile fading. She looked at him straight in the face and said "That was not very nice, Sweetie" in a firm voice. "Right now I am going to give you a warm bath and after your bath you are going to make a choice, ok?"
Damon just looked at her of what it could be. She didn't keep him waiting.
"These are your choices: you can accept the fact that you're a little baby again and enjoy your second childhood with me being your mother caring for you… or if you want I will drop you off at a foundling home for unwanted children. There you will still be a baby and hope some couple will adopt you or place you in some kind of foster home. Where you will hope they will love you & care for you like I would. Then again, they may just adopt you for the sake of a monthly check and do very little for you and you'd be taking your chances that they won't neglect you in any way or form".
Susan paused to make sure Damon understood, then continued:
"Or you can accept me as your being your Mommy since this is my fault with you being this way, but remember: you did threaten to tie me up and so forth. So I defended myself and fired that ray gun at you, not thinking of the settings on it. But I have been trying to make up for it all in caring for you as if you were my own. But either way you are a baby now and that's how I see you and I will care for you and love you as if I gave birth to you. But nevertheless you are a baby and that's all there is to it. So you think about your choice, Dear: Foundling home or me"
She then picked him up and carried him into the bathroom where the tub filled with warm water was waiting for him. She lowered him into it and gently laid him in the water while gently holding his head up. She then gently poured some baby soap on his body and started to gently rub it all over his naked body. As she did this, she started to hum very softly to him. She turned him over and started to wash his bum with the soapy wash cloth. As she did this she gently kissed him to assure him everything was ok. He felt the warm water going between his bum cheeks… and under his genitals as she carefully washed him.
All of the time, she was humming a gentle lullaby. Soon she was rinsing him off and had him wrapped up in a thick towel.
Damon made no sound as she did this as he was thinking about Susan's ultimatum. He knew he had to make a choice. He also knew she meant every word of what she said. Should he take a chance at a home for unwanted children and hope someone would care for him in a good way?
Susan carried him back to the nursery and laid him down on the changing table. After she had him all dried off she looked him in the eyes and asked, " Well sweetie; I need to know what you have chosen: that way I know what to dress you in: A cute baby oncey for the children's home or I will dress you more comfy in this baby smock. So what will it be Oncey: or smock?"
With that, she held them up. Poor Damon. He was panicking picturing a bunch of kids running around in a home with him being in a crowded playpen with no one watching him. Then seeing Susan knowing she would be caring only for him but in her own special way being all cuddles and fondles, though it would be a rather embarrassing thing in public. She was looking down at him firmly waiting.
"Well Sweetum, what will it be" she asked?
He made his decision: he pointed at the smock and tried to say "I'll stay with you", sounding instead, "aahh gah aahh goo".
Susan understood: With glistening eyes she smiled, bent over, and gave him the most loving kiss a mother could give to her baby. She put the outfits down and gently turned Damon over on his tummy. All he could do was squirm as she opened up the Vaseline and very gently rubbed it on his bum and between his bum cheeks with both her hands. She was giving him a very loving bum massage and kissing him fondly.
As she was doing this, she whispered, "Good choice. I knew you would make the right one". Then she turned him on his back and started to rub some Vaseline all over his genitals.
She was using both hands as she massaged his entire diaper area. Damon's legs just playfully flailed in the air. Next, Sue picked up a bottle of baby lotion and started to rub it all over his tummy and legs and his genitals. She bent over and smelled his body like a mother lion checking her cub scent.
"Hmmmm" she exclaimed, "Just the way I like you, baby: fresh".
Now she turned him over again on his tummy and did the same all over his back side and his bum. Then next, she did the same with the baby powder: first his bum, then she turned him over on his back and powdered his genitals too. Then she got another thick huggie and added extra thick padding to it, placed it inside the diaper and then placed it under his bottom and then between his legs. Taping each side of the huggie together completed that task, then Susan put another baby smock on him. She then sat him up and checked her handiwork and gave him more kisses.
Then she said with a playful smile. "who is Mommy's baby boy?"
Damon just gave a big toothless smile and Sue knew the answer all too well. She then picked him up and placed him over her shoulder, patting and rub his back side fondly kissing her child saying, "Mommy will always love you. You're mine now forever and ever".
With that, Susan took Damon downstairs. Damon wondered if she would be feeding him again so soon, but then realized that she was taking him to the front doorway. Just inside the front doorway was a small baby stroller.
As Susan put Damon into the baby stroller, she said, "I realize that to you, being stuck in the nursery would be like staying in prison, so we'll be doing daily outside walks".
Damon nodded, smiling at the thought of being outside. Susan continued to speak:
"Besides, Mommies like to show off their babies and this will be our debut together", she concluded.
Damon rolled his eyes some, but didn't make any other gesture. Besides – he realized – Susan would be doing all the walking: he was in effect being chauffeured!
After Damon was secured in the baby stroller – a type which was a one-baby sit-down type, Susan opened her front door, and gently lifted the stroller up, carrying it down the two front steps to the walkway footpath.
After setting the stroller down, Susan quickly closed her front door, then went back to the stroller.
"Time for our walk, Sweetie", Susan said as she started to push the stroller.
The stroller's wheels were rubber-lined and as such, it was a very smooth ride for Damon. Besides, with the bright sun outside and the fresh air, it was an invigorating feeling to him.
Susan pushed the stroller out the front gate, then proceeded to push the stroller down the block. All this time, Susan was humming a gentle tune, happy that at last she had one of her own to take out, rather than someone else's…
After a few minutes, Susan turned into a park. She walked up to a park bench and sat down. She had brought the stroller up close to her and after getting comfortable, started to talk again.
"I do volunteer work at the local hospital", Susan was saying, "and on those days, I'll put you in the hospital day care room. Don't worry: It'll be a crib so that you'll be able to sleep instead of having to put up with other babies".
Damon nodded. Susan continued to speak:
"It's so wonderful your deciding to stay with me. I am unable to bear children, and my baby-sitting and being in the maternity wing of the hospital was the closest I could come to experiencing motherhood", she said.
Damon slowly nodded, realizing why Susan was being so doting: It was clear to him that Susan needed him as much as he needed her! Damon gave her a thumbs-up sign.
Susan smiled broadly at the gesture. With that, she gently lifted Damon out of the stroller and cuddled him. Just then, a young couple walking nearby jolted her out of her reverie:
"Aw look, how cute!", the woman said as they passed, "A grandmother doting on her grandchild!"
The man walking next to her nodded. As they walked away, Susan put Damon on her lap. She looked thoughtful. Damon noticed her changed expression.
Looking down, Susan said quietly, "Grandmother… Damon, do you think I look a little old to be a mother? Please be honest".
Damon slowly nodded, but then made a gesture with his hand. It looked like he was pointing a gun. Susan slowly nodded, smiling. It was clear what Damon was referring to.
"Hmm, maybe you're right, Damon", Susan replied, "and if I'm going to be your Mommy, looking the role as well as playing it is just as important".
With that, she gently placed Damon in the stroller, stood up, and then with her pushing the stroller, they headed back to her house.
As Susan thought about the ray gun, she said to herself, "If I use that now, people will be wondering what happened to me. I mean they know the older Susan but they won't know the younger Susan. This is going to take careful planning"
After getting back, she went into the living room where the ray gun was. Damon was lifted out of the stroller and put in a baby carrier that was on the coffee table. While Damon was watching Susan, Susan picked up the ray gun.
She set the short term setting on the ray gun to ON so it will only let her be young temporarily. She had decided to first give it a try just to see what it was like. She set the A. R. dial so she would be 23 years of age. Then she aimed it at herself and carefully pulled the trigger.
Slowly she got younger and in less than 30 seconds, she was now looking at herself in the mirror as a 23 year old woman. She could not believe how she looked! She just stared into that mirror for what seemed like forever.
"Oh my God, was I ever this young with looks like this?", she breathed. A very smooth face and skin tone, and her hair so very silky besides.
"Wow", she said, "whatever happened to that girl in the mirror?", she giggled. She looked at her figure in the glass seeing her legs and her thighs. She still had slightly big hips but otherwise:
"Not bad for 23 if I do say so myself", she commented in satisfaction. Then she turned to Damon who was still watching her from the baby carrier on the table.
"What do you say, sweetie?" she asked as she pirouetted in front of him with her lips pursed.
Damon just had a happy toothless smile on him. He was playfully squirming in the carrier getting a little excited.
Sue just smiled and said, "This is just temporary, Snookums. Mommy can't just make herself this way fully for a while yet. I don't want to attract any attention to us. If people knew I had a device to make people young again, all hell would break loose".
Damon just slowly nodded and understood, but after she set something on her wrist watch, Sue spoke again:
"But anyhow, I think this calls for a shopping trip. Mommy is in the mood to do some baby clothes shopping for you and a new outfit for myself. I need to make sure I have something for this young body", she concluded.
Then she just laughed. She then checked Damon's diapers and pulling down his pants a bit and she felt between his legs, gently massaging his padded crotch with 3 fingers to see if he was wet then she lifted him up a bit to check his bum - pulling the back of his diaper and looking within. Damon just helplessly blushed but took it well. He even enjoyed the feeling of it all besides. He knew it was for the best that she be this way.
She then picked up the baby carrier and a fully stocked diaper bag and headed for her SUV. She secured Damon in the back seat in the carrier and off to the department store they went.
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